Here is the news I was talking about in my last post:

We gave away Pepper because he was a rooster (our city allows hens but not roosters). Salt was really upset and lonely! But we gave him to an animal shelter and he is in their petting zoo because he is so nice! The animal shelter is by our house too so we can go see him.

We got new chickens! Mini and Charlie are their names! Mini is a Barred Rock (just like pepper) and Charlie is a Buff Orpington. They were born in August and they are 4 months old (we got them when they were three days old)!

Salt layed an egg! Yes, she finally did it! It is blue/green, not because  it is disgusting but because she is an Easter Egger (the mutt of the chicken world) and they lay all different colors, some even lay gold! We have 7 total now and gave 3 away to some friends.

If any of you have chickens please comment so that I know I can move on with my tips and info! Thank you!

-A Chicken Chick


Sorry about not posting! I just started 5th grade so its kind of hard to fit it in with all the studying, homework, and sports! My next post, which I am posting right after this one is going to have some updates and info about my chickens and yours. Very, very, very sorry again!

– A Chicken Chick