My First Advice Post

Hey, I know that a lot of you don’t have chickens yet but are thinking about getting some. So, I am going to give you some advice about the coop and where to put the coop.  First of all you are going to want a coop that has a nesting area because they will feel safer and less stressed out when they lay. Oh! I almost forgot! Make sure your city/town allows chickens! Anyway, back to the coop. You don’t need a big coop if you are only going to have a few chickens. Most of the coops that you get are going to be build it your self type of coops [ no matter how small ]. So, a good place to put your coop is in a hut [ on the ground ] that has space in between the walls and door. I have my chickens/chicken coop in a hut like that. If you don’t have a hut like that then just put a coop in your backyard. Hope this info helps you!

– A Chicken Chick

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